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Working as a nurse I am on my feet all day long. I started to suffer from back pain and suffer from very tired legs. My friend introduced me to these insoles and I am so grateful! I have only been wearing them for 2 weeks and already after a full shift, my legs don’t feel anywhere near as tired as they used to and my back pain has gone! I have purchased another pair for my Dad. Love these insoles!
I bought these after suffering from Arthritis. The pain was unbearable. I did some research which suggested Copper can help with Arthritis. Anything that offers me pain relief is worth a try! And I am so glad I did. These insoles really do live up to the product description and almost immediately I noticed a reduction in my pain. I bought another pair so I can have one in my work shoes and one in another pair of everyday shoes. Thank you!
Great- just what I needed. Easy to cut down to size and hardly notice them in my shoes. Have definitely noticed a reduction in my knee swelling and have been able to go for walks for much longer than before.
These insoles have changed my life! I was so shocked at the age of 30 to be diagnosed with Arthritis- these insoles have helped to ease my pain so much, I can take my son for a walk, play in the park with him all whilst feeling no pain! I am so grateful for these insoles!
I purchased a pair for my husband, although admittedly he was skeptical at first! He wears size 9 shoe, so I cut down the insoles and placed them in his shoes. After about a week he felt the inflammation in his legs had definitely improved and he noticed a reduction in the amount of pain he had been experiencing.
After suffering in silence for a while for my Arthritis in my shoulders, knees and back and refusing to go on medication- I decided it was time to try the natural route. I saw these insoles on the Internet and figured it was definitely worth a try. And I am so glad I did. i noticed a decrease in my arthritis pain which was like a miracle for me!
On a daily basis I would feel fatigue, general aches and pains in my back and would generally have low energy. I never would have believed a pair of insoles could change this for me. Since I have been wearing these insoles my legs feel overall so much more energised. My random aches and pains have gone, and I just feel so much better!
I had a few queries before ordering my insoles and the customer service team were very helpful and quick in responding back to me. The insoles have definitely helped my general aches and pains. I have one pair for my gym trainers and one for my work shoes. I can not be without my insoles!
Great quality item- I wear these everyday and have really noticed a difference. I used to go for a walk and find the soles of my feet would hurt, after a friend recommended these insoles I thought they were worth a try and I am so glad I did! Have really made a difference- one happy customer!
I can’t explain what a feeling it is to be able to walk without feeling pain in my feet and ankles. Arthritis had made it so difficult for me to even walk down the road until now. These insoles are comfortable and have made such a difference in my pain levels.
Super fast delivery- just what I needed and excellent customer service when I had a few questions regarding the insoles. Thank you.
I bought a pair for my dad who suffers from Arthritis and his ankles swell, after about a week or so the visible swelling has definitely reduced and he said his pain was much better.
Quick delivery, good quality insoles & friendly customer service. Very happy with my insoles which arrived the next day. They are exactly as described, I noticed a difference straight away!
I have believed in the healing power of copper and have always worn a copper bangle for my arthritis. These insoles live up to the hype and have really helped the Arthritis in my joints.
My mum suffered from back and leg pains for quite a while, we saw these insoles on the internet and thought it was worth a try. It didn’t take long for my mum to notice a difference- she is so happy we can finally go shopping without her being in pain!
Excellent product. I have purchased a pair for my wife after noticing such a difference when wearing mine. I put them in my work shoes and have noticed the arthritis in my toes is feeling a lot better.
Wonderful service, ordered a pair for myself and a pair for my Mum. Very happy with the insoles they are very comfortable. My Mum said they definitely helped her arthritis- now she can’t be without them and had me order more pairs for her friends!
I bought a pair for my wife who suffers from very bad leg and feet pain. After a few days she noticed she could stand for longer, walk for longer and generally felt a lot less achy. Wonderful item.
These are the most comfortable insoles I have ever worn. If I wear a pair of shoes without my insoles I immediately notice the difference. I do feel there has been an improvement in my arthritis pains and I am very glad I purchased these insoles.
These insoles have aided me in being able to stand for much longer without my feet and ankles swelling (as they used to). Quick delivery and brilliant customer service.
I received my insoles the next day which was brilliant. I began to suffer from back pain and pains in my legs whenever I’d been on my feet for a while. Having young kids this was really hard for me as I am constantly chasing after them. Thanks to these insoles I can take my children to the park, play with them and not feel the pains in my back and feet like I used to. Brilliant!