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Our customers around the world have worn our Copper Magnetic Insoles for a range of health problems including: Pain relief, joint paints, Arthritis pain relief, Poor circulation, fatigue and tiredness, low energy, sports injuries, back & shoulder pains, leg & feet pains, repetitive strain injury, inflammation, general aches and pains, helping to increase energy, helping to reduce inflammation such as swollen feet, ankles or keens and much more. See our Customer Testimonials for what our customers have to say about our Copper Magnetic Insoles.

Through combining copper and magnets we have been able to offer maximum benefits. Two pure copper plates are located both at the front and back of the insoles where the copper is absorbed through the soles of the feet to offer pain relief, as well as anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

The added boost from the magnets helps to stimulate blood flow and circulation which also helps with pain relief and inflammation, helping to boost circulation which helps to energise legs and feet. Magnets relax capillary walls this then helps to boost blood flow thereby preventing muscle spasms and enhancing pain relief.

Our Copper Magnetic Insoles combine two beneficial elements to provide many reported health benefits. Our insoles have build in copper heel support under the metacarpal- the ball is a common area in which people develop pain known as Metatarsalgia. Many people who stand for long periods or are on their feet a lot often develop pain in the balls of their feet from the immense amount of pressure placed on the feet over long periods of time.

The Original Copper Magnetic Insoles have been specifically tailored to provide pressure on the pivotal reflexology points of the foot. The soles of our feet carry many important nerves used in reflexology. Magnetic Therapy can stimulate the nerve endings whilst simultaneously giving your body the chance to absorb the copper.

Our Copper Magnetic Insoles are comfortable, slim and light weight ensuring maximum comfort. These insoles are perfect to be worn everyday.

Sizing: Our insoles can be easily cut to any size from- UK 4-11 or EU size 37-45. The insoles are fully marked for easy cutting and can be easily placed inside your choice of shoes.

Our Copper Magnetic Insoles are natural, drug free, safe & easy to use!